This website orlandomco.com is part of the project of the World Airport Guide for passengers under its versions in Spanish),  Portuguese) and English.

Project that originated in 2007 and that over the years and thanks to the efforts of collaborators, editors and users, grew to provide a free service to passengers at different airports around the world.

Today we can be proud to say that almost a thousand airports make up this great guide.

The present website orlandomco.com, UNDER NO ASPECT, tries to be labeled with the title of "Official Airport Website", but represents an alternative, complementary and original option, without any desire to compete with anyone, but to offer to passengers an additional source of information to that which can be found on the airport's official website (https://www.orlandoairports.net/) and on other websites related to the same airport.

With the desire to continue growing, we hope that orlandomco.com can be of great use to the thousands of passengers who daily pass through the Orlando International Airport.

What to expect from orlandomco.com

A guide aimed exclusively at the Orlando airport passenger. The answers to the most frequent questions asked by the thousands of passengers who travel by Orlando airport daily. In addition, details and transfer between the main terminal, public and private transport, flight status, food, shopping and general services, installation for passengers with special needs, VIP lounges, hotels and places to rest, information on parking, the airlines that currently serve the airport and non stop destinations.

Contents of orlandomco.com

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Hotel (Hyatt Regency Orlando international Airport Hotel)

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