Facilities and customer service

Servicies and amenities at MCO Airport

Information Booths

They are located throughout the Terminals near each of the Security Checkpoints. Note: Information Booths are open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. phone (407) 825-2352 and (407) 825-2355


Pay Phones are accessible with volume control settings. Page Phones and emergency phones are hearing aid compatible with volume control. Text telephones (TTY) are available in each terminal.

Covid testing services


  • AdventHealth
    Location - Terminals A & B opposite the security checkpoint for Gates 1-59
    Hours: 7:30a-5p (M-F), 7:30a-7p (Sa-Su)
    Services: rapid RT-PCR testing (subject to availability) and rapid-result antigen testing. Results are provided from 15 to 20 minutes. Learn more:

  • Covid Testing LLC
    Location - Terminals A & B – North Walk, opposite the Truist Bank
    Hours: 8:00am - 8:00pm
    Services: rapid RT-PCR testing (30 minutes) and rapid-result antigen testing (10 minutes).
    Phone: 1-888-341-1711 - Learn more

    Location - Terminals A & B – South Walk, near the Magic of Disney store opposite the security checkpoint for Gates 1-59
    Hours: 7:00am - 9:00pm - Type: Virus Testing and Screening
    Services: Rapid PCR test is run on-site, with results available in as little as 60 minutes. The Standard PCR test is sent to an outside lab, with results available in the patient portal in 48-96 hours. For Appointments CLICK HERE.
    Phone: 407-515-5625 - Website: https://xprescheck.com

During your stay

The airport offers a wide variety of dining options, both in the North and South Terminals. There are also a large number of stores, from clothing, thematic, electronic, beauty, duty free, etc.

The Atrium Hotel, located in the North Terminal, represents a convenient opcion to rest or spend the night within the airport grounds. The hotel and restaurants are “before security” and so may be accessed by both travelers and non-travelers.

Several Vip lounges are available as well.

In addition, Terminal Top Parking garage provides excellent views of the airfield, downtown Orlando, and the attractions, including the nightly fireworks displays.

Financial services

TRUIST BANK has a branch within the airport in North Terminal (North walk) providing complete banking services, including account opening, transfers, traveler's checks, cash advances, loans and investment services. Hours of operation are 9 am-4 pm (Mon-Thu), 9 am-6 pm (Fri). Phone: 321-354-0617 - WEBSITE: https://www.truist.com/

ATMs are available on both landside and airside.

Currency Exchange
Currency exchange booths can be found in east and west halls as well as in Airside 4 of the Main Terminal.
Service hours: - East and West Halls: 06:00 am to 09:00 pm. - Arside 4, Gates 70-99: 12:00 pm to 08:00 pm.

Free Wifi

Wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) is available in all public areas of the airport and is provided free of charge. To connect, select the airport Wi-Fi network SSID “MCO Internet”. These Access Points are provided by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA). Other access points and peer-to-peer connections which may be listed as available networks are NOT provided by GOAA.

Cellular/PCS wireless is also available from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon, as well as several kiosks which offer travelers internet connections.

NOTE: Keep in mind that Personal Hotspots can cause interference with the free airport Wi-Fi. That is why, in case of noticing connection failures with the MCO Internet SSID, you should find a location further away from the active devices of other passengers. Please conserve bandwidth by turning off personal hotspots at times when they are not being used.

Baggage Services

Left Luggage
Hold My Luggage operates in Terminal B, Level 1, offering Luggage storage for hour/days, Luggage transport services - hotel to hotel or city to city and of course Luggage pickup/return

The airport offers the passenger the possibility to move comfortably through the airport or through the city without their luggage, in case they have a long wait for their flight. A liability waiver must be signed and staff tag bags and issue a ticket. To retrieve the luggage, the customer must return to the counter in Terminal B, Level 1, or meet Hold My Luggage staff at the check-in location of their airline.

Luggage wrapping services
Wrap N’ Fly operates in Terminal A, Level 1, near the USO, from 6:00am-8:00pm. They can be contacted at 407-825-1529.

Luggage carts 
They are available (for a fee) in the parking garages, rental car areas and throughout the terminals. They are not allowed through security.

Lost and Found
Please contact your airline directly regarding your missing item(s) as directed on your ticket or baggage receipt. Claims for missing items may also be filed with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which is responsible for the screening of passengers and baggage at all U.S. airports. You can also go to the Orlando Police Department Information Desk (available 24 hours a day), or call (407) 246-2470.

For belongings left on the aircraft or checked baggage that did not arrive, contact the airline. For items lost in a rental car, contact the agency.

For items lost within the terminals, please fill THIS FORM

Lactation spaces

Airport lactation spaces are designed to give lactating mothers privacy.

  • North Terminal:
    • Mamava Nursing Pod – Terminal B, Level 2, across from baggage claim carousel 24
  • Gates 1-29:
    • Mamava Nursing Pod near entrance to gates 10-19
    • Nursing Room near gates 20-29
  • Gates 30-59:
    • Mamava Nursing Pod near entrance to gates 30-39
  • Gates 70-99:
    • Nursing Rooms on each concourse (Gates 70-79, 80-89, & 90-99)
  • Gates 100-129:
    • Mamava Nursing Pod near entrance to gates 100-110
    • Nursing Room near gate 101
  • South APM Station:
    • Nursing Rooms on floors 1, 3 and 5

To access Mamava on the go, download the Mamava Pump & Nursing Finder HERE.

Interfaith Chapel

Orlando International Airport has an interfaith chapel inside the North Terminal, located just beyond the security checkpoint for Gates 1-59, which can be accessed by any passenger holding a boarding pass. There is also a reflection room located at Gates 70-99.

Catholic mass is held every Sunday at 12:00 pm in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport.

Charging stations for electric vehicles

The charging stations are located in the following parking locations:

Terminal A Parking Garage. Level 2 Row A Southwest Corner (but not the corner nearest to SW) - Open 24/7 - Tel +1 888-758-4389

Terminal B Parking Garage, Level 2, Row P - Open 24/7 - +1 888-758-4389

Reduced mobility

If you require a wheelchair, please contact your airline at least 48 hours in advance to get a wheelchair for your use within the airport. If you require one for the duration of your stay, click on Visit Orlando. They should be able to provide you with a list of companies offering such a service.

Assistance for elderly/minor/disabled passengers

Skycaps are available to assist passengers with reduced mobility, including curbside check-in, baggage transport, wheelchair assistance, etc. Said assistance must be coordinated with the airline. Tipping for such services is suggested and welcome.

Adult Changing tables
They are installed in all companion care restrooms.

Animal / Pets

Dogs ARE NOT allowed at Orlando International Airport unless they are either working dogs, or they are in a carrier approved for traveling onboard an aircraft. Please contact your airline or cargo handling company directly for details on where to drop off/pick up your pet.

Service Animal Relief Areas are available:

  • Outside Terminals - North Cell Phone Lot
  • Before security -
    Terminal A, Level 2: At the east end of the building (to the right as you exit the building)
    Terminal B, Level 2: At the west end of the building (to the right as you exit the building)
  • After security -
    Gates 1-29: On the wing for Gates 20-29
    Gates 30-59: On the wing for Gates 40-49
    Gates 70-99: On the wing for Gates 80-89
    Gates 100-129: Across from Gate 121