Car rental services at Orlando airport

Rent a car MCO airport

Save money. Book in advance


Orlando has one of the largest car rental markets in the world. And in this sense, within the Orlando International Airport operate the most important companies that exist in the market.

The on-airport rental car companies are located in Terminal A and Terminal B, Level 1 (Ground Transportation).

In addition, Orlando International Airport offers airline check-in services on level “R1” of the parking garages where rental cars are returned. The Parking Garage A location is located on the west end and the Parking Garage B location is on the east end 

All the car rental companies listed below are serving at the airport. Free shuttle buses operated by each car rental company transport customers from the Terminal to the car rental area and vice versa. It is located right in front of the Blue Economy parking lot.

It is recommended to have a prior reservation. Look for availability HERE

Car rental companies


In the event that you cannot book with an agency located inside the airport, there are other alternatives for rental vehicles outside the airport. A free shuttle bus transportation to their off-airport car rental locations is available. The off-airport rental car companies are located in Terminal A, Level 1 (Ground Transportation) at parking spaces A11-A13 and in Terminal C between C279-C280.

  • Ace Rent A Car
    (407) 588-0018

  • Action Car Rental
    (407) 240-2700

  • Bandago Rent A Van
    (415) 401-7659

  • Best Rate Rent A Car
    (321) 624-8994

  • Carl's Rent A Van
    (407) 856-8866

  • Clubs Car Rental
    (786) 239-0746

  • Easirent Car Rental
    (954) 314-0302

  • Economy Rent A Car
    (407) 826-9985

  • Flex Rent A Car
    (321) 961-8666

  • Florida Van Rentals
    (407) 438-8010

  • Fly Car Rental
    (407) 885-8825

  • Fox Rent A Car
    (407) 930-9503

  • Green Motion Rental
    (321) 947-9865

  • GS Car Rental
    (407) 499-1010

  • Inbocars
    (786) 405-2958

  • JC Car Rental
    (786) 200-4487

  • Magna Auto Rentals
    (321) 383-1677

  • OC Car Rental
    (786) 956-1558

  • One Switch Rent A Car
    (786) 773-8669

  • Orlando Rentco
    (888) 627-8227

  • Reliant Rental Car
    (407) 925-8478

  • Rent A Car 4 Less Miami
    (786) 374-7442

  • Routes Car Rental
    (407) 237-9411

  • RROA Car Rental
    (786) 832-1727

  • Sales Rent A Car
    (786) 212-4717

  • Seven Auto Finance Orlando
    (321) 350-1439

  • Value Car Rental
    (407) 212-1661

  • You Turist Car Rental
    (305) 721-8897

  • Zezgo Orlando
    (407) 704-2896

What to consider before renting a car

Always beeing with a vehicle has its comforts and advantages. Although Orlando is well served by public transportation, there are many places that are worth visiting and long distance are common.

However, like in any metropolitan area, you should take into account that during rush hours traffic is usually heavy and there may be traffic jams (especially during peak hours). You should also consider extra costs when renting your car. That is, in addition to the fuel that you will have to replace before returning the vehicle, keep in mind that many access roads to the different points of the metropolitan area have toll fees.

In addition to your valid driver's license (whether national or international), be sure to rent a car with full insurance, with an authorized agency and present at the airport, have a GPS at hand (if the vehicle does not include a GPS Navigation system).

Needless to say, you must respect all traffic signs, speed limits and not drink alcohol if you are going to drive. If you live in the United States, you will already know this, but if you are a foreigner you should be clear that the North American authorities are usually very strict in respect of the rules and consequently, the punishments are usually very severe in case of any infraction.

In downtown areas, try to find private parking lots, especially during business hours because there is often very little space available, and in turn to avoid unexpected fines.